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Asanova Maria Abdulkhayrovna, Ukrainian artist, was born in 1995 in Evpatoria, Crimea. 


In 2014 she moved to Kharkiv to professionally study Art and in 2018 she graduated with honor at Kharkiv College of Textile and Desing.


In 2022, due to the Russian-Ukranian conflict, she was forced to leave Ukraine moving for a short period to Spain and then to Switzerland where she currently resides and benefits from a residence permit for refugees.

Currently she resides and works in the picturesque village of Saint-Saphorin in the canton of Vaud.


The encounter with Galina Fedorovna at Art school in Kharkiv was fundamental for her. Her teaching helped her to reveal her creative potential and to finalize her technique.


Maria Asanova has been rewarded in several art competitions in Ukraine including the “IX All-Ukrainian Festival of young artists” organized by the University of culture in Kiyv.


Her works have been exhibited and sold in various exhibitions in Ukraine including the exhibition organized by the “Maliutky N.6” foundation, and the important personal exhibition at the Art Factory Mechanics (Kharkiv 2021).


In 2021 she obtained an important commission to paint a picture of 200 x 200.

This experience was fundamental for her in order to learn how to manage and design large formats.


In 2022 she was supposed to participate in various Art Festivals in Ukraine but the deterioration of the international situation forced her to leave the country.


Since May 2022 she has lives and resides in Switzerland, in Saint-Saphorin (VD).
In Septembre 2023 she joints the artistic collective "Espace Artistes Femmes" directed by Maria Bagi.

In October 2023 she participates to the collective exhibition organized at the EHL in Lausanne.


In November 2023 she collaborated with the composer Matteo Ripartbelli for the project "Diptyque" (world premiere at XIV Festival international de Guitare de Versoix. 

She created two big canvas visually expressing the images evoked by the music composed for Guitar and orchestra and exposed in the concert hall.


In December 2023 she had her first solo exhibition in Switzerland at Café Brew in Vevey.


In January 2024 she was chosen, with two other Ukrainian artists (a photographer and a designer) for the "Slava Ukraini" exhibition. 

She then exhibited seven canvases in the important and historic gallery of the "Espace des Femmes - Antoniette Fouque" in Paris, from April 5th to the 26th.







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“Art does not tolerate clear bounderies and patterns: it grows out of an idea that a person gives birth to”


M. Asanova